Digitisation: BESIX and its partners improve site management with Conneqtr (Belgium)

2 June 2021

Conneqtr, in brief!

Jean Polet, General Manager Key Projects at BESIX: "There are two brilliant aspects to Conneqtr. The first is the quality and relevance of its digital solutions, which effectively will reduce the administrative workload for our teams on construction sites. This is an example of a highly useful digital tool. The second aspect, which makes this initiative even more relevant, is that it was co-created, at the initiative of the ADEB-VBA association, by competing companies and their suppliers and partners. Together, by creating Conneqtr, we are standardising processes and helping to improve the overall efficiency of the construction sector in Belgium, to the benefit of all. This is an example of collective intelligence."

Digital solutions for the efficiency of construction sites

Conneqtr offers digital applications that improve the administrative management of construction sites. In particular, Conneqtr applications will replace paperwork with easy-to-use digital tools. This is an unprecedented improvement, reducing time waste and boosting the efficiency of the work of all stakeholders on a site, especially contractors and suppliers.

Two solutions have already been developed and will be soon commercially available:

  • The Zen digital platform standardises and enables the storage of legal obligations and documents relating to check-in-at-work and qualifications.
  • The Smooth mobile application digitises the delivery process to make it simpler, more reliable and faster for both the contractor and the supplier.

A spin-off of the contractors' association ADEB-VBA, Conneqtr was co-created with seven Belgian companies active in the construction sector, including, in addition to BESIX, the companies Denys, Artes, Dethier, Stadsbader, Visser & Smit Hanab and Wyckaert.
The Zen and Smooth solutions have been tested on site by the Conneqtr co-designers for several months. These tests are proving to be particularly conclusive. From September 2021 onwards, they will be available to all companies active in the construction sector.

Conneqtr's objective is to become the standard in Belgium for the administrative management of construction sites. And to achieve zero paper on site, in a way that benefits the entire sector.